Qmote App 5.2.0 Feature List on iOS

Introducing New Qmote Features

GoPro Remote Control

Use Qmote as your GoPro remote control
Ready to capture more breath-taking pictures at the right time? This GoPro Action will enable you to use Qmote as a remote control of your GoPro camera. You can click Qmote to take photo, record a video, and also stop the video recording. Compatible with GoPro Hero 4 & Hero 5 


Fake Call with Qmote

Make your own fake call with a click of Qmote
This Fake Call Action is the most genuine fake call ever! The caller ID will be displayed on your screen just like in the real call. You can set the name and number of the caller, and make it as seems it is real. For instance, a call from Adele perhaps



Qmote Remote Action

Use your Qmote to control other Qmote remotely
With this Remote Action, you can control Qmote on other smartphones remotely. It expands the range of your control, not only your smartphone but also other people's smartphone. For instance, with a click of your Qmote you can trigger your partner's Qmote to send their current location to you

Other Qmote Great Features

Snooze/Mute Ringtone

This Action has two functions. You can activate snooze when your alarm rings and temporarily mute incoming calls with Qmote. It’s a perfect Action when you need some quiet time.

Camera Shutter

This Action only works within a camera app. Qmote turns into a remote camera shutter button that can work with almost any camera app. Now, you can be a part of the group picture or video! Attention: If you trigger this Action outside a camera app, you might inadvertently adjust the volume settings.

Speed Dial

Place a call to your top contact quickly.

Set Volume

There are multiple volume setting options for this Action. You can set the volume to max/min, or swiftly adjust it bit by bit for various situations.

Music Control

Control the play/pause, previous/next track functions on any of your phone’s music apps. Attention: Be sure to keep the music app you wish to control running in the background. This Action will take effect on the last music app you used if there are multiple music apps running.

Send Current Location

Instantly share your current location address and map to your friends and family so that you’ll never miss each other again.

Start Navigation

Start Apple map navigation. It will automatically plot a suggested route from where you are to the address you specify in the Qmote app.

Launch Apps

Use this Action to wirelessly launch apps on your phone. Attention: Only selected apps are available for use with the "Launch App” Action on iOS.

Send SMS/Email

This Action allows you to easily tell your loved ones what’s up with pre-written messages.


“Tap a button, get a ride.” We’re all familiar with the simple idea of Uber. And now, Qmote takes this idea to the next level by providing you a handy, physical button to tap! Please install the Uber app to use this Action.


LIFX is a multi-colored, WiFi-enabled smart LED light bulb that is made even smarter when controlled using Qmote!


WeMo is a family of customizable products that allow you to control home electronics from anywhere. Now, Qmote offers an even more intuitive way to utilize such remote control.

Find Phone

“Find Phone" is a pre-set function which requires no setup. Click Qmote at least 6 times in quick succession with the Qmote app running in the background to make your phone rings. Keep clicking to continue the ringing. You may set the ringer volume in the "Edit page" of each Qmote.

HTTP Request

If you are a developer, this Action will connect to the designated URL for a short period of time. If you have an internet service waiting on that URL, you can use the HTTP Request to trigger that service.