Never have found them without the tracMo

I gave a tracMo to my son-in-law who was visiting Southern California from New York City.  He put it on his keychain without thinking too much about it.  After spending several months back in New York City, he and our daughter returned to the West Coast and stored their belongings at our house until they could find an apartment.

After moving into their new apartment, our daughter called me to ask if I had seen her husband’s keys anywhere. He had been missing them for at least a week and had not been able to find them anywhere. He was very frustrated! He thought perhaps they might be at our house.


I asked if he still had the tracMo on his keychain and he realized he did!   He used the App on his iPhone and the App showed the keys were at their new apartment. Playing the ring tone, he was able to find his keys – in a box that he would likely not open for years - stuck on a high shelf in a closet.  He said he would never have found them without the tracMo device and App!  He was so excited it worked so well!


Thanks again for tracMo!

 - Ron, Dana Point, California