5 Ways to Find Your Stuff with Bluetooth Trackers


More and more people start to use Bluetooth trackers to replace their GPS trackers because Bluetooth trackers are significantly much cheaper and without a subscription plan. But how Bluetooth trackers can help you find your stuff? This article will show you 5 practical ways to find your stuff with Bluetooth trackers.

Bluetooth Trackers Set Up

Before you can start to find your stuff with Bluetooth trackers, you need to do these 3 steps.

1. Attach the Bluetooth trackers to your valuables/items you want to track.

2. Download the Bluetooth tracker app and turn on your phone's Bluetooth and Location services.

3. Connect your Bluetooth tracker to your phone using the tracker app.

5 Ways to Find Your Stuff

There is an important point you need to know here. There are different ways to find your stuff based on the Bluetooth connection status between your phone and your Bluetooth trackers.

When your Bluetooth tracker is connected to your phone or within the Bluetooth range, you can...

1. Ring your stuff

To ring your stuff, you can just open the tracker app tap "Ring".

Here's an example from the tracMo app:


Not only your stuff, most Bluetooth trackers can also work the other way around to ring your phone by clicking the trackers. 

2. Ask Alexa or Google Home to ring your stuff
A few Bluetooth trackers such as TrackR, Tile, and tracMo, are integrated with Amazon Echo or Google Home. If you have Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can save lots of your time in searching your stuff inside your house. When you want to find your keys with tracMo for example, you just need to simply say, "Alexa, tell tracMo to find my keys." Then, the tracMo tracker will ring, so you can find your keys easily.

When your Bluetooth tracker is NOT connected to your phone or outside the Bluetooth range, you can...

 3. See your stuff last seen location

Most Bluetooth trackers will remember the last location when it is still connected to your phone before you leave your stuff behind. From the tracker app, you can check the last seen location so that you know where to start to search for your stuff.

Here's an example from the tracMo app:


4. See your stuff location history

When you go to your item's last seen location and find that your stuff isn't there, you can check your item's location history, then retrace your path to find your stuff back. Until now, this feature is only available on the tracMo tracker.

Here's an example from the tracMo app:


5. Ask for community's help to search your stuff

Every Bluetooth tracker has their own community. They call it as Community Search, Crowd Search, or Searching Party. But basically, despite different naming, all of it works the same way.

Let's use tracMo's Community Search for an example. The member of tracMo's community is all people who are using a tracMo app. When a tracMo user lost an item, they can report it to the community. In tracMo, this action is called as "Start Crowd Searching."

Whenever other people with tracMo app pass by and detect that lost item, the bypasser will anonymously send the updated location of the lost item to the tracMo Cloud, then the lost item's owner will get a notification of the updated location. After that, the owner can go to that updated location to get their stuff back.

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