What you need to know before buying Bluetooth tracker

You may wonder how Bluetooth tracker can help you find your keys, car, wallet, or almost anything you want to track. Before you decide to buy, here are the things you need to know.

What is Bluetooth tracker

Bluetooth tracker is a small device that utilizes Bluetooth connection to connect to your phone through the tracker app.

Benefits of Bluetooth tracker

Very cheap compared to GPS tracker

When you use GPS tracker, you need to subscribe for the cellular data plan. It may cost the same as your phone cellular data plan. While Bluetooth tracker will only cost you the battery replacement for the replaceable-battery tracker or the Bluetooth tracker replacement for the non-replaceable-battery tracker.

Very accurate indoor & short distance tracking
GPS tracker cannot give you accurate indoor tracking because the GPS & cellular signals cannot pass through the brick walls. In contrast, Bluetooth tracker relies on the Bluetooth connection between your tracker and phone. No matter where you are whether indoor or outdoor, as long as the tracker and phone are near, you can always get a very accurate tracking.

Very easy to use
Most Bluetooth trackers on the market are designed to help you ring the tracker, ring the phone, see the tracker's location on the map, and ask the tracker community to help you search your lost tracker.

How Bluetooth tracker works

First, you need to attach the tracker to the item you want to track. Then, connect the tracker to your phone through the Bluetooth connection using the tracker app. After it is connected, you can ring the tracker from your phone, and vice versa, ring your phone using the tracker. Using your phone's location service, the tracker app will also record your tracker location on the map. It means to track your items, you need to keep your phone's Bluetooth and Location services on and keep the tracker app running in the background at all time. 

But Bluetooth connection has the distance limit. Once you pass the limit, the tracker will be disconnected from your phone. As a result, you won't be able to ring it. When this happens, the location information that is recorded on the app will come in handy. You can check the last seen location on the map, or only for the tracMo tracker, you can see the location history of your tracker.

If you cannot find your tracker on the last seen location, you can ask the tracker community search to find your lost tracker. This feature is normally called as "Crowd Search" or "Community Search." When you other people with the tracker app pass by your lost tracker, you'll be notified about that most updated location. Since this feature highly depends on other people with the tracker app, the more people have the tracker app, the better the searching quality.

What to consider before buying a Bluetooth tracker

Bluetooth technology

The Bluetooth technology the tracker use is the heart of the tracking reliability. The better the Bluetooth technology, the better the Bluetooth connection, the longer the distance you can track your item, and you can rest assured that your item will always be tracked 24/7. Most of the trackers in the market are using Bluetooth 4.2 technology, but there is one tracker called tracMo that uses the most advanced Bluetooth 5 technology.

Replaceable battery or non-replaceable battery

Most tracker's battery will only last up to 12 months. If the tracker's battery cannot be replaced, it means you need to replace the tracker with a new one. Some trackers provide a renewal program at half-price of the normal price. But it's still quite expensive if you compare it with replaceable battery trackers because you just need to replace the battery.

Waterproof or not

It's important for any electronic device to be waterproof. Normally, a waterproof tracker doesn't have a replaceable battery. On the other hand, a replaceable battery tracker doesn't waterproof. But there's one tracker that quite closes to meet both features, tracMo has replaceable battery and water resistant features.

Ring volume

The ring volume is really important so that you can hear your tracker's ring under a pile of things or in a noisy place. Make sure that the tracker is loud enough to be heard on those kinds of situation.

Amazon Alexa integration

We love to command something using our voice. Some trackers are integrated with Amazon Alexa so that you can just ask Alexa to find your stuff. It can save lots of your time.

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