The Top Packing Tips All Travelers Must Know


Travelling is the sacred moment we’re always looking forward to! With these simple packing hacks, you can be sure that your trip will be stress-free from spilled liquid soaps, wrinkled clothes, or even broken makeup cake.

Before putting your stuff into your luggage

Bring just enough clothes


Check your day-to-day plan to decide how many clothes you need to bring, and just bring that. Pack more tops than bottoms. For a five-day trip, you’ll likely need five shirts, two pairs of slacks or jeans. Don't worry if it won't be enough, you can always buy other clothes during your trip. Be sure to check the weather, clear sky day and rainy day can give a different bone-chilling feeling. It's better to dress appropriately instead of feeling freezing during the whole trip, isn't it? Also, remember to spare some space to bring back all those fascinating souvenirs!

Bring travel-size multi-tasker beauty products


When traveling, you want to use as less space as possible. You can bring a lipstick that also works as a cheek blusher. After you choose the beauty products you want to bring, instead of packing it big, you can use small empty bottles and fill them three-quarters full. You’d better not fill it fully because the storage area on a plane is not pressurized, it may cause the liquid to burst out of the bottle.

Protect liquid products from bursting



To prevent liquid products from bursting, you can unscrew the bottle cap, put a small square of plastic wrap, then screw the bottle cap back. That way, even if the cap is opened, no liquid will spill out. For more protection, you can also put your liquid products into a small zip lock bag. Remember, if you’re flying with only a carry-on bag, check the limit of the liquids you may bring.

Protect fragile items from breaking



Protect powder makeup products from breaking while traveling by sticking a cotton pad or cotton ball inside the compact before putting it in your makeup bag. For breakable items like a glass fragrance bottles, you can slip them into socks before packing them.

Organize small items


First, group similar items into a zip lock bag or packing cubes, you can have one bag for cosmetic, one for skin care, and one for cable & charger. You can also use pill case compartments or an old lip balm container to organize your small jewelry, like rings and earrings. An old medicine bottle can also be used to store cotton swabs, sponges, or other disposable makeup applicators. For hairpins and clips, you can put it inside an old Tic Tac container.

Putting your stuff into your luggage

Here's the general rule: Be chronological. Check your itinerary, then place your first day’s clothes at the top and your last day’s at the bottom. Top the pile with the clothes you’ll need first. To optimize the space and keep your items tidy & neat, think of your suitcase as a three-layer cake.

FIRST LAYER: For rolled soft garment & heavy items


Arrange rolled soft garment in the bottom of the bag. For soft fabric like knits, wool, and cotton, you can roll it without any wrinkle-worry. But make sure you roll it tightly because loose roll will make wrinkles. Also, place the heavy items on the bottom above the wheels.

SECOND LAYER: For folded stiff garment & fragile items


Stiff garments, such as starched cotton shirts, blazers, dressy pants, and skirts, should be carefully folded to avoid any wrinkle. Start with the longest items, like skirts and slacks. Stack the garments on top of each other, interchange slacks and hems. This interchanging will avoid thick waistbands to be piled on top of one another. Easy upgrade: Place a dry cleaning bag between each layer of clothing to make sure your clothes won’t wrinkle.

Wrap fragile items in thick garments, then place them in the center of your bag surrounded by a buffer. To help your bras maintain their shape, stuff your underwear inside your bras.

THIRD LAYER: For beauty products, footwear, and small items


Since you have grouped your beauty products and small items into small bags, just arrange it into your luggage. For your footwears, wear the heaviest pair and pack the other footwears. Keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from your clothes by sticking them inside a shower cap or nylon shoe bag. Stuff your shoes with socks, electronic chargers, or products that won't burst inside your shoes if you're low on packing space. After that, fill all the available space left with small items. Last but not least, you can keep your stuff fresh and smell good by putting a small bag of potpourri, fabric conditioner sheets, or scented drawer liners.

Just right before you go

Weigh your luggage


Baggage allowance may vary from airline to airline. To help you avoid being charged unnecessary fees at the airport, invest in a luggage scale and weigh your luggage. If you're close to the limit, consider wearing some of the heavier items or cutting down on what you pack, such as heavy toiletries that you can just buy at your destination.

Do final check


Make a final check if you have brought all the essential items, such as passport, wallet, phone, and more. Or you can also let tracMo reminds you if you leave your important items behind.