How tracMo Controls Your Smart Home Devices


tracMo, the World's First Bluetooth 5 Tracker, is more than just a tracker. Not only tracMo works as a Bluetooth tracker, tracMo can also work as your personal arrival sensor and smart home remote control. In the following part, you'll see how tracMo can help you to control your smart home devices with your presence or clicks of a button.

List of Smart Home Devices that you can control with tracMo


tracMo is integrated with Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Nest*, SmartThings Outlet*, SmartThings Light*, LIFX, Philips HUE, Muzzley, and Zapier. In other words, you can control those smart home devices with tracMo.

*under review

How to control smart home devices with tracMo

When you control a device, there are 2 actions involved that are called as the "trigger" and the "result." The trigger is the action that gives a command to the designated device to do a certain action or so called as result. tracMo will work as a trigger, then your smart home devices will execute the result.

List of tracMo's triggers and the smart home devices' results



From the list above, you can see that tracMo has 2 triggers that are related to the Bluetooth connection. This Bluetooth connection here is the connection between a tracMo device and your phone. Therefore, to use these triggers, you need to leave your tracMo device at home, then bring your phone with you. When you step out of your house, the Bluetooth connection will be disconnected, then it will trigger the pre-set result. In reverse, when you're coming back home, the Bluetooth connection will be connected, then it will trigger the other pre-set result. That's how you can control your smart home devices just by your presence.

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