What disadvantages users complained most for Bluetooth 4.x trackers?

Tile, TrackR, Chipolo use Bluetooth 4.x technology

Bluetooth trackers are known and used for most of the US users now. However maybe because the marketing slogans are too exaggerated, a lot of users don't feel or get satisfied about the effects. Based on the comments from Amazon, we present the negative comments below for your reference. Hope this can help you understand more before making decisions on whether to get one, which to buy.

Tile TrackR Chipolo
Disconnections or Cannot Connect 40% 22% 33%
Pairing Failed 6% 16% 0%
Short Battery Life 10% 16% 11%
Inaccurate Direction and location 4% 6% 22%
Mistakenly Pushed 4% 0% 0%
Not Ringing 2% 2% 11%
Low Sound Volume 8% 10% 11%
Short Range 6% 24% 11%
Can’t Find by Crowd Searching 2% 4% 0%
Draining Phone Battery 4% 0% 0%
Not Working on the Background 0% 6% 0%


From the chart you can see most of the trackers don't have stable connection quality. It's a common issue and might result from that they're using the old technology, Bluetooth 4.x.