Your Dog Walking Will Go Smoothly with This Simple Checklist


We know how important it is for your dog wellness to go for a walk every day. Although it sounds so easy, without a proper preparation you may happen to be in an unpleasant situation such as running out plastic bags to scoop your dog's poop or even trying to find your dog that wanders off. With this simple checklist, you can make sure that you have all it takes to have a smooth and enjoyable dog walking with your dog.

1. Put on a leash or dog harness


If your dog often pulls the leash, a dog harness would be really helpful to tackle this issue. A dog harness can give you a better control over your dog because it can reduce pulling and jumping.

2. Bring poop bags/plastic bags


During your walk your dog may poop anywhere he wants. Dog poop may contain some harmful organism, worms, or Salmonella that can spread to other humans or animals. So, you'd better bring poop bags or plastic bags so that you can clean up the poops hygienically.

3. Bring plenty of water and its container


Dogs cannot regulate their body temperature as good as we do. Therefore, it's really for them to be overheated especially in the hot weather. It's important to keep your dog hydrated during your walking.

4. Bring some high-value treats


There are many things that can distract your dog's attention. Just in case if your dog is distracted by something then it leads to a major event, at least you've got the high-value treats to bring his attention back to you.

5. Put on a reflective gear if you walk in the evening


In the places with poor visibility, it may be hard to spot your dog's presence. Reflective gear can help you to find your dog easily and protect him from other dangers, such as bicycles or cars.

6. Put on an ID tag


Dogs usually feel really excited to walk with you because it's the time for them to explore and sniff around the surroundings. Since you cannot control everything during your walking, it's better to put an ID tag on your dog, just in case if your dog wanders off from you, someone who finds your dog knows how to reach you. Or you can also put a tracMo Bluetooth tracker on your dog. tracMo will notify you when your dog wanders off from you and keep tracking of your dog's location.

Once you've got all of the lists, you're good to go!