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What makes tracMo special?

The world’s first Bluetooth 5 tracker

With 4X the range and 2X the speed of Bluetooth 4.2 trackers, tracMo gives you a more reliable tracking connection without draining your phone’s battery.

Equipped with mesh network

Mesh network is a network consisting of many nodes that can relay the information to each other. The tracMo Mesh Station will act as a node. tracMo Mesh Station which is a low-cost, plug-in, Bluetooth 5 device equipped with Wi-Fi to transmit the data to cloud directly. 

When a tracMo Mesh Station detects a lost tracMo tracker, it will relay this information to other tracMo Mesh Stations until the information reaches the tracMo Cloud. At that time, the lost tracMo user will be updated about the location of their lost tracMo.

As a result, the more tracMo Mesh Stations installed, the broader the mesh network and its search coverage becomes. It’s a perfect solution for finding lost items in public areas, like offices, hospitals, schools, metro stations, care centers, theme parks, or shopping malls.

tracMo will always be current

Over-The-Air updates enable you to easily update your tracMo to the latest Bluetooth technology, keeping your device current.

More than just a tracker

You can use tracMo as your personal arrival/away sensor to control your smart home devices.

Press Kit

Download tracMo Press Kit here


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