Use Cases

Find your valuables instantly

We know that how important it is to locate something important at critical points; be it a key, a wallet, a phone, a Bluetooth device*, or a person. Searching every pockets for the key to your home? Crawling on the floor to check under the bed? We are here to help. By attaching a Tracmo to one of your valuables, you can ring it and just follow the sound. Can’t find your phone but has a Tracmo CubiTag nearby? Double-press the Tracmo CubiTag will make your phone ring, even if it is in the silent mode. You can also install a Tracmo Station in a room and monitor the presence of the Bluetooth devices nearby*; even when you are not in the room.

*Applicable with Bluetooth Low Energy devices only

Must have items for children and loved ones

Do your kids always forget to tell you their whereabouts? No worries. Give Tracmo trackers as gifts for them, and you will know where they are at the moment; by using our industry leading cloud share feature. You can even track their 24-hour path history. There is no limit to how many family members the location of a Tracmo tracker can be shared, so the entire family can share the locations with each other.

Tracmo helps making your trip perfect

We all take many things with us when going on a trip: wallets, purses, laptops, luggage and even expensive souvenirs. By attaching Tracmo trackers to these items, you will always know if they are still with you; this is especially helpful when you are checking out of a hotel or boarding a train. Set up the out of range alert for any item you want to be near you all the time, and it will remind you if you leave it behind. 

Your home sentry

We all worry if our older parents or young kids stay at home alone. Tracmo can help relieve your stress. When you set up a Tracmo Station near the entrance of your home, and if your loved ones have Tracmo trackers with them; you will be notified when they come in or leave the house. When you set up a Tracmo Station in a room and attach Tracmo trackers to any items you don’t want moved (balcony doors, kitchen knife drawer, medicine cabinets, etc.), you will receive notifications if your young kids try to move them. So no matter if you are at home or at work, the Tracmo stations and trackers always keep eyes on your love ones for you.

*Need to use with both of Tracmo Station and Tracmo tracker

Community Search

If you accidentally lost an item with attached Tracmo trackers, you can locate it with the Community Search feature. The power of community search is that anyone can help you to find your lost item if they have a Tracmo App running in the background. Once the item is found, Tracmo APP will notify you of your lost item’s current location. Tracmo does this discreetly without notifying the finder to protect your privacy, but you know that the power of the community is always with you.